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The debut of the Iwaya Community Art Biennial (ICAB Lagos 2021) picked its theme "No Victor, No Vanquish: The World At The Crossroads" - as a remix of two extreme historical statements: ‘No Victor, No Vanquish’ the speech title of late Gen. Yakubu Gowon at the end of the Biafra Civil War in Nigeria and `Burma: A Nation At The Crossroads,’ the title of Benedict Rogers’ book on Burma (now Myanmar) several years of civil war. Multi-ethnicity being the bedrock of civil war in the two global south countries reminds us of uncertainty, immobility, and anxiety that engulfed every nation around the world as COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic in 2020. The arrival of the novel coronavirus exposed the porosity of health systems in several nations around the world. And the global south suffered more on various grounds that led to the probe of government policies and political standings through protests and uprisings - #EndSARS in Nigeria, #MillionManMarch in Sudan, #BlackLiveMatter in the US, to mention a few.
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Artists have been pre-selected for ICAB Lagos 2021 AiR programme. But we are still accepting submissions for the biennial. Kindly click here for more information on how to submit  your work


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How to Submit Your Work

  1. Short Bio

  2. Upload CV – not narrative.

  3. Portfolio

  4. Attach 5 to 10 photos from a series for photography

  5. Attach 3 to 10 mins of video art for video.

  6. We encourage painters/graffiti artists to submit ideas for mural paintings/graffiti that will be archived during the biennial.

  7. Performance artists – send your concept file with details of props and the number of participants.

  8. Send to