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About Us

The VAL Lagos Story

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation (VAL Foundation) is an artist-led initiative, founded in 2015 in Lagos, as an alternative art space where artists and creatives cohabit to exchange ideas and co-create works that do not conform to any artistic pattern/practice. As a non-commercial art space, the collaboration of pluri-disciplinary artistic expression is our main focus as a platform

What We Do

Interdisciplinary Workshops

Vernacular Art Space Laboratory (VAL) is interested in experimental and experiential workshops initiated through collaboration with artists from different artistic genre: dance, writing, music, drama, photograpahy, cinematography, fine arts, street art, pop art, IT art, installation art, video art, architectural and scientific manipulation art.

As a space for artistic expression, our intention is to promote interaction amongst different art forms to give birth to a new artistic expression/discussion and be presented to the public in our art laboratory

Communal Art Education


One part of our art education is to make literature and academic materials available in our space – a Traditional Library with a variety of arts books, essays, journals, magazines and papers on different artistic practices. As well as an Audio-Visual Library that will avail both resident and visiting artists to investigate profoundly in research and also, present to the public with a rich understanding on subjects in relation to different contemporary artistic presentations. Regularly, Vernacular Art-space Laboratory shall organise seminars and conferences with various interdisciplinary artists in Africa and international artists to enrich scholarly and artistic discourses at the both local and international levels.

We apply a self-motivated method of art education by using various formats to reach a wide audience locally and internationally. Our belief is that “art is not a product, rather it is a conversation”. Through research, both traditional and non-traditional approaches, resident artists and our community of young creatives shall be exposed to academic and alternative systematic analysis and in conclusion presented in artistic/discursive formats. Artist-In-Residence shall


Residency Programs

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory resolves to accept artists working independently from different disciplines periodically as resident artists to collaborate in a new project within a specific time frame. Our collaboration with artists on this phase of projects shall seek to concentrate on the contemporary issues affecting social-status of the post-colonial communities and the effect of postmodernism. The tenets of colonialism still permeate various strata of life making it an essential discourse of the 21st century and by highlighting the discourse through artists’ lenses and by making scholarly propositions; we are contributing to the mediation process between then and now as new interventionists.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are: 

  1. To enhance community-driven initiatives to celebrate people’s sense of place.
  2. To strengthen the role of youth participation in the community to voice their perspectives about their ideal living space.
  3. To regularly initiate alternative educational activities that involve youth in the community. 
  4. To serve as a platform for new ideas and projects that will enhance humanity in our community. 
  5. To create a platform for artistic exchange between the Anglophone and Francophone artists in West Africa as a strategy to foster intercultural dialogue.
  6. To provide space of exchange for both local and international artists
  7. To serve as a platform for new ideas and projects that will enhance humanity in our community.

Who We Are

Artistic Director​

Aderemi Adegbite is a multimedia artist born and raised in Iwaya community. As an interdisciplinary artist, Aderemi’s current focus questions individual realities and truth(s) that stretch(es) across the societal fabric as constants for an elastic socio-system.


Ayodele Arigbabu is a writer, architect and creative technologist. A member of CORA Art & Cultural Foundation, he served as the festival director for four years up until 2015.

HoD Media/Comms

Omokeko Olufela is a student with the Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nigeria (ICAN) and currently the Station Manager of the Vernacular Art-space Laboratory – Val Foundation. Prior to when he joined the artistic world, he has a vast experience as Administrator/facility manager in a leading telecommunication firm.

SpokenWord Curator

Adebola Afolabi (REZthaPoet) Consultant, Poet, and Spoken Word Artist. As a writer and poet, his works delve into different cultural and artistic shifts by using the spoken word poetry genre to educate, engage and entertain a growing and displaced middle class whilst probing the notion of identity and culture

Film Curator

Onyeka Nwelue is one of Africa’s most prolific young persons, with over 9 published books, 4 films and has taught in universities in Hong Kong, India, South Africa, the US, Malawi and Sweden. He’s an award-winning writer, filmmaker, TV show host and educator, who won the ‘Best Director Award’ at the 2018

Creative Director

Seed Adegbite is a designer, photographer and a lover of print. He was born in Lagos and grew up everywhere else. His passion towards art as made him to serve as art and creative director to many projects in private and public firm.

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